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Husky body reFURbish by Sharpe19 Husky body reFURbish by Sharpe19
I don't take bodies on reFURbishings, mostly due to the time it takes but made an exception for this one. If I understand correctly, this was the makers third body, meant to fit a 6ft frame over 170 lbs. It was sent to a friend of mine whom their significant other had ordered it upon commission. It arrived, but certainly did not fit the intended owner.

A few months later panels of the suit were removed for unimportant reasons and the body was going to be scrapped. I snagged it to repair and clean up for teaching purposes and have worked upon it over the past two weeks on and off. Modelled by a commissioners dtd.

A review upon the maker will be left to the original owners and so I will not be stating any names in this. I am only putting this together to show ho to replace panels that may be damaged/missing, as well as cleaning up the inside appearance of a body.

1. Condition it was received in. Aside from the missing panels, there was a large mixture of sewing from hand to machine. Some spots were gathered, others slightly twisted. Upon trying the suit on we discovered quickly this '6 ft and 170+ lbs suit' was comfortably fitting a 5'2 and 105 lb frame.

2. Main missing panels were the back, a spot on the lower calf, a shoulder panel on the front, and a little off of one cuff

3, There were many threads hanging that needed to be trimmed, several odd seams (specifically upon he elbow region and crotch) and a ton of fur on the inside that needed to be trimmed.

4. Arm to demonstrate fur

5. Trimmed it and cleaned the edges a bit. Went over later with a zig-zig stitch to enforce areas (not shown).

6. A common happening. Fur cut with scissors will cut the pile, leaving an ugly edge.

7. Going through the missing panel areas, I trimmed away what was left of the original seams and pinned them down. Using the same method as I do for patterning the entire suit, I've placed plastic wrap and tape down on the missing areas.

8. Patterning the calf.

9. New panels in place (just laying atop the body). Was later pinned in place and sewn in.

10. Body turned right side out and brushed. One wrist still needs to be extended but other than that, complete.

11. Back shot to show heart mark. An opening for the tail is at the very point of the black and white on the butt. More universal fitting now.

Going off of the dtd, myself, and my husband, we have figured this suit would fit an individual s tall as 5'8 MAYBE 5'9, as short as 5'2. The crotch is lower so it would fit a male wearer comfortably OR have the crotch brought up slightly for a female wearer. Weight up to around 140 lbs. I'm 105 and it's a tad baggy on me. Inseam is about a 32, hip 30-32. Bus I think is a 40, would need to double check. There are feet for this, soon to be hands, tail, and head. Toon style, following eyes, possibly a moving jaw. Head to fit about a 23 inch around. Once complete I will be starting it upon auction at $1100. The heart patch can be removed and replaced with a black panel if you do not want the heart.

Payment plans would be available. Comes from a smoke/pet free home.
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Dimascar Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
do you do commissions?
lamelobo Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
this looks great sharpe !
PaperIWings Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013
It must be interesting taloring an existing bodysuit..
Sharpe19 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter
Not difficult, just takes time. It's not the first I've had to tailor but certainly the first that I've had to replace pieces missing.
Hiizzy Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good job. :'D
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